Aprilias ”factory works”-program erbjuder ett särskilt högpresterande utbud av motorcyklar, med sporthojen RSV4 som bas. Maskinerna säljs med support direkt av Aprilia Racing, som varit med och skapat fabriksracern som vunnit många VM-titlar. Nu har Aprilia presenterat sin godbit, FW-GP, som är fullpreppad med teknik som utvecklats inom MotoGP. Priset är satt till 160.000 Euro, exklusive moms.

Aprilia Racing lanserade "Factory Works- programmet” förra året för att göra samma teknik som utvecklats åt fabriksförarna tillgänglig för alla som vill tävla på högsta nivån, eller för de som bara vill ha en RSV4 med optimerade prestanda för en trevlig helg med härlig bankörning. Factory Works-programmet erbjuder RSV4 "Factory Works"-motorcyklar som utvecklats i enlighet med gällande Superstock och Superbike mästerskaps-reglementen i olika länder, med olika nivåer av chassi, elektronik och motormodifieringar. Under 2017 lovar Aprilia att detta extraordinära projekt kommer nå nya höjder, i och med lanseringen av en ännu kraftfullare version av RSV4, kallad FW-GP, där V4-motorns borrning ökats 81 mm och fått pneumatiskt styrda ventiler, en konfiguration som liknar den som gjorde Aprilia tävlade officiellt med i 2015 års MotoGP. Dessutom erbjuder Aprilia olika former av teknisk support, för att du som köpare ska kunna njuta av RSV4 FW GP: s fulla potential. 

Mer information på engelska:


Electronic system – Race lightweight version, simplified and without ABS system. Brake system equipped with simplified tubes kit.
Dedicated bike and engine harness. APX logic unit developed by Aprilia Racing, fully reprogrammed as for example in the ignition and engine control parameter. Electronic assistance for up and down shifting (Blipper). Hand terminal included (to set the strategy and bike parameters), GPS sensor, race buttons and light lithium battery. Digital TFT and color Dashboard that allows to see the main engine parameters.

Data recording – Data acquisition system that allows to log the original sensors fitted into the bike, like Demand, RPM, water temperature, front and rear speed, roll and pitch angles. It is possible also to acquire the optional sensors allowed in the international FIM rules. With the bike will be delivered a licenses for one year of the software “ABM base” (to manage and analyze data) and for the software “ARES” (to manage and set the APX).

Main specs of the APX logic unit:

  1. Allows to modify or create new maps for ignition and injection.

             Setting of RPM limiter for each speed. 

             Setting of Pit lane speed limiter. 

             ETC (electronic demand control) 

             VTP (setting of trumpet position). 

             TCS (traction control). 

             ADAPTATIVE TCS (adaptive traction control on track changing conditions) 

             DISTANCE BASED (strategy parameters based on different sectors/curves) 

             ENGINE BRAKING (engine braking setting of each speed). 

             POWER REDUCTION (power reduction setting of each speed). 

             WHEELIE CTRL 

             LAUNCH CTRL 

             ANTIJERK CTRL. 


             Lap time 
Engine Prepared by the technicians of Aprilia Racing with MotoGP specifications.

Maximum power: More than 250 HP at the main shaft.

Pneaumatic valves.

Dry clutch with back-torque limiter. 

Removable gearbox cassette Exhaust – Akrapovic Racing Tit. 


Front suspension - Ohlins Racing FGR300. Triple clamps with adjustable offset.

Rear suspension - Aluminum Under-arm swing arm with ±25mm adjustment range. Ohlins shock absorber TTX GP

Front brake – 336mm dual stainless steel disc “T” drive. Brembo Racing 30-34 monoblock radial calipers with 4 opposing pistons. Sintered pads.

Rear brake - Single disc DP218

Chassis and accessories - SBK with steering axle and swingarm pivot adjustment

Cooling system – high performance water and oil coolers

Front wheel - 3.5x17” aluminum ultra-light forged rim

Rear wheel - 6.0x17” aluminum ultra-light forged rim

Fairings and seat holder - Structural carbon fibre

Fuel tank - Aluminum light weight with high capacity (22.5l)

Colour scheme - Colour scheme can be personalized according to the clients request

Prezzo: 160.000 euro iva esclusa (EXW Noale)



All of the versions begin with the already exceptional technical base of the MY 17 Aprilia RSV4 RR Race Pack.


Aprilia RSV4 with Race Pack (Öhlins suspension systems and forged wheel rims).

Standard electrical system with ultra lightweight lithium battery.

Standard electronics ECU reprogrammed in Race version, engine control and vehicle dynamics map made in Aprilia Racing.

Reprogrammed instrumentation, predisposed for lap times if combined with the V4-MP system. This is the multimedia platform with which Aprilia introduces a telemetry system that provides, among other things, “corner by corner” adjustment of the RSV4's electronic settings.

Optimised and lightened braking system with ABS eliminated

Lightened factory engine, with no thermostat and secondary air circuit, with simplified cooling circuit lines. Akrapovic exhaust kit, fairings kit and complete engine optimization.


Aprilia RSV4 with Race Pack (Öhlins suspension systems and forged wheel rims).

Racing electrical system, lightened and simplified with dedicated vehicle and engine wiring harness and lithium battery. APX2 ECU made in Aprilia Racing, fully programmable in ignition and engine control parameters using the included palmtop terminal. The ECU includes the data acquisition system, with the possibility of using both original sensor or optional sensors available and permitted by Superstock 1000 FIM Cup regulations. Special Aprilia Racing instrumentation. Special engine with Aprilia Racing mods. Akrapovic exhaust kit and fairings kit. Maximum power reaches 204 HP.


Aprilia RSV4 with Race Pack (Öhlins suspension systems and forged wheel rims).

Racing electrical system, lightened and simplified with dedicated vehicle and engine wiring harness and lithium battery.

APX2 ECU made in Aprilia Racing, fitted with GPS module, fully programmable in ignition and engine control parameters using the included palmtop terminal. The ECU includes the data acquisition system with a telemetry sensors kit available as optional equipment.

Special Aprilia Racing instrumentation with racing button panel.

Electronic gearbox with assisted downshift feature (blipper).

Special Aprilia Racing instrumentation.

Special engine with SBK mods 'made by Aprilia Racing'. Maximum power reaches 215 HP.


The starting point is the top of the range RSV4 R FW SBK, but the Aprilia V4 engine, derived from the unit in the RS-GP 15, has 81 mm bore and pneumatic valve timing to guarantee maximum power of more than 250 HP.

These customers will receive truly special treatment: they are invited to the Aprilia Racing headquarters in Noale to stipulate the contract, partly so that they can select the ideal configuration for their needs and budget along with our engineers. During preparation of the bike, they will receive “live” images of the outfitting progress and they have a telephone line and address available for any other needs, both of which remain active subsequently in order to receive information or request support. The bike is hand delivered by Aprilia Racing engineers with pick up, if desired, at Noale. The customers also have the right to receive Aprilia Racing branded full track leathers and a paddock pass for an entire MotoGP Grand Prix weekend, in addition to an invitation to participate in an Aprilia track day, where Aprilia Racing engineers can adjust the bike's settings based on their riding needs and provide the best possible technical tips to take full advantage of the RSV4 FW-GP's mechanical and electronic potential. In any case, an Aprilia Racing engineer will always be at the track, any time the customer wants to use the FW-GP.

The Factory Works programme provides, included in the price of each model, technical training aimed and providing all the information required to best adapt the vehicle to the rider and circuit characteristics, as well as a test session on the track with the Aprilia Racing test team in order to ensure that the instructions are put into practice.

In the special web area www.serviceaprilia.com/public/racing , riders, collectors and teams can access the exclusive world of the Aprilia “Factory Works” racing bikes and receive further information and more technical details on the RSV4 machines prepared by Aprilia Racing.