Ducati har kompletterat färgalternativen för Monster med Iceberg White, som adderas till Ducati Red och Aviator Grey-färgerna. Den nya färgen finns även för Plus-versionen, som kännetecknas av tillägget av en liten frontkåpa och passagerarsadelkuts som ger Monster ett ännu sportigare stuk. 

Ducati Monster, nakenmodellen från Borgo Panigale, är känd för sin kompakthet och smidighet, och erbjuder rikligt med körglädje.  Motorn är en tvåcylindrig Desmodromic Testastretta 11° Euro 5-godkänd enhet, med kontroll och justering av ventilspel var 30 000:e km. De maximala effekt- och vridmomentvärdena anges vara 111 hk vid 9 250 varv/minut respektive 93 Nm vid 6 500 varv/minut. För innehavare av A2-körkort finns Monster även tillgänglig som en 35 kW-version. Monsters motor kan anpassas med tre körlägen: Sport, Touring och Urban.

Ducatis pressmeddelande på engelska:

Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy), 23 May 2023 – With a sporty engine, rich in torque and perfect for road use, the Monster is Ducati's naked sports bike par excellence. A bike for everyone, which guarantees ease of riding without any compromise in terms of fun and performance.

Ideal for those approaching the world of two wheels for the first time as well as for already expert motorcyclists, the Monster combines compactness and lightness in a modern formula that renews the naked sports concept invented by Ducati. High-level performance, always manageable thanks to cutting-edge electronics, is combined with a modern and elegant style. At the same time, the Monster retains the DNA of the first generation of 1993: the Testastretta 11° engine combined with a frame that follows Superbike concepts, the aluminium Front Frame inspired by the Panigale V4. Everything you need to have fun on your motorbike.

For 2024 Ducati has updated the colour range of the Monster with the Iceberg White livery, which is added to the Ducati Red and Aviator Grey colours. The new livery is also available for the Plus version, characterized by the addition of a front fairing and passenger seat cover that make the Monster even sportier.

The new livery enhances the essential and clean lines of the Monster thanks to the combination of cold white Iceberg White and Ducati Red chosen for the seat finish; the combination of the two colours creates a refined and contemporary look. A sporty touch is given by the red tags on the wheels.

The Monster makes lightness one of its strengths. Each component has been designed to have the lowest possible weight, from the aluminium Front Frame to the tail fixed directly to the engine, for an overall reduction of weight of 18 Kg compared to the previous generation. The result is a nimble and compact motorcycle, capable of moving easily in traffic and at the same time guaranteeing full control in every situation.

The ease of riding the Monster is supported by a comfortable position, designed to make the rider always feel at home. The 820 mm height of the saddle from the ground and the narrow sides of the bike allow you to rest your feet easily on the ground, while the position of the footrests and handlebars facilitates relaxation of the torso and legs. A comfortable riding set-up that multiplies the possibilities of having fun at any riding level.

The modern and sophisticated design focuses on the essential and enhances the distinctive features of the Monster. While the front view of the bike is dominated by the full LED projector, the rear instead sees a short and sporty tail, with two painted side panels inspired by the Panigale V4. In the centre, the Monster’s unmistakable curved and muscular fuel tank.

The electronics of the Monster are of the latest generation. The standard equipment includes ABS Cornering, Traction Control and Wheelie Control, adjustable on different levels of intervention; all the useful information for riding is clearly visible on the 4.3” colour TFT display. The sporty nature of the Monster is also enhanced by the presence of Launch Control, which allows MotoGP-style starts.

The engine is a Desmodromic Testastretta 11° twin-cylinde Euro 5 approved, with valve clearance checking and adjustment only to be carried out every 30,000 km. The maximum power and torque values are respectively 111 hp at 9,250 rpm and 93 Nm at 6,500 rpm. For A2 license holders, the Monster is also available in a depowered 35 kW version. Reliable and ready in its power delivery, the Monster's engine can be adapted to the needs of each rider thanks to the three Ducati Riding Modes: Sport, Touring and Urban.

Every enthusiast can choose to customize their Monster thanks to a wide range of Ducati Performance accessories, from the Termignoni approved silencer to the engine guard or racing license plate holder. All the accessories, made with high quality components, can be consulted in the "Configurator " section on the website Ducati.com, together with a wide range of helmets, jackets and trousers: everything required to meet the needs of every Monsterista and ride the motorcycle safely and with style.

The 2023 calendar for DRE Road, the exclusive Ducati riding course with top instructors and which includes the Monster range among the motorcycle models provided, is also available on the website Ducati.com.