WP-uppgradering för KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R och 890 DUKE R

Österrikiska WP Suspension lanserar en serie nya premium-fjädringskomponenter för 2020 års KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R och KTM 890 DUKE R. 

Stötdämparen APEX PRO 7746 SHOCK, framgaffeln APEX PRO 7500 CARTRIDGE och styrdämparen APEX PRO 7117 STEERING DAMPER har utvecklats för att göra "BEAST 3.0" ännu aggressivare och mer exakt,  och "SUPER SCALPEL" ännu skarpare, smidigare och sportigare . Denna skräddarsydda och helt justerbara uppgradering är skapt för förare som är på jakt efter yppersta prestanda och 100% kontroll över motorcykeln på vägen, under bankörning och racing.

Här följer mer omfattande pressinfo på engelska: 


APEX PRO stands for pure, concentrated motorsport - distilled from decades of racing experience and in cooperation with current racing title holders. These ingredients are used to create the new WP APEX PRO 7746 SHOCK, which is tailor-made with the highest precision for 890 DUKE R / 1290 SUPER DUKE R pilots. The extremely low weight and high-tech materials bring motorsport demands to the road. The suspension characteristics of the WP APEX PRO 7746 SHOCK can be easily adjusted to almost any situation by means of the separate high and low speed compression and rebound settings. Thanks to the new SCS BIG VALVE technology, the suspension now delivers maximum precision and a direct feedback in every riding situation.

Features and benefits:

•                    Technology derived from the Supersport World Championship - Motorsport 

know-how for the road 

•                    Easily adjustable with standard tools

•                    Highest quality thanks to precise manufacturing tolerances

•                    Separate high and low speed compression setting

•                    Rebound adjustment and height adjustment

•                    46 mm piston and 18 mm piston rod guarantee optimum oil circulation

•                    Internal 'rebound spring' for more stability in the braking phase

•                    Large nitrogen tank for constant damping

Article No.: 15180T01SET for KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R MY2020

Article No.: 15180T91SET for KTM 890 SUPER DUKE MY2020


The WP APEX PRO 7500 CARTRIDGE takes the suspension of your 890 DUKE R / 1290 SUPER DUKE R to a high-end level. Tailored to your individual needs, it is simply fitted into the standard outer tube of the original fork. Since only high-quality aluminium CNC parts are used, it reduces the weight considerably compared to the standard fork. The WP APEX PRO 7500 CARTRIDGE was originally developed for racing, so it is especially suited to riders looking for an impressive, no compromise, handling upgrade. The Closed Cartridge System ensures greater driving stability through the oil reservoir and more safety through the constant spring performance. The damping characteristics can be precisely and individually adjusted to your needs with standard tools thanks to the adjustable compression and rebound damping. 

Features and benefits:

High suspension performance and good response in every situation

More confidence in all situations thanks to better surface contact

Exclusive aluminium CNC parts - machined and anodized

Fully adjustable with standard tools

Reduces tyre wear and improves handling

The suspension ensures that the engine power goes where it belongs - on the road

Article No: 55182T01SET for KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R MY2020

Article No: 55182T91SET for KTM 890 SUPER DUKE MY2020


With the new WP APEX PRO 7117 STEERING DAMPER the rider can focus 100% on the next corner. Developed with feedback directly from the racetrack, and optimized under the influence of the most successful motorsport heroes, the WP APEX PRO 7117 STEERING DAMPER delivers top performance for every track. With 30 clicks of fully adjustable damping, it can be adapted quickly and precisely to the needs of every rider. With the new WP APEX PRO 7117 STEERING DAMPER, steering kickbacks, unwanted vibrations and a shy hand on the throttle are a thing of the past. (Only available for KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R).

Features and benefits:

Prevents unpleasant steering kickbacks during strong acceleration

Developed on the racetrack, for the racetrack

Fast and precise damping adjustment with 30 clicks

Adjustment mechanism directly on the piston rod, therefore slim design

Special chromium alloy enables significantly reduced friction coefficients

Article No: 16181T01E for KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R MY2020

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